Thursday, July 13, 2017

I'm Still Here.... Just Not HERE

My few faithful followers have noticed that I don't post as much as I initially did, and even my food Instagram account has fewer postings these days. Let me explain why....

Obviously my Number One priority is Life --- The Boss and my family, my house, my career.

My hobbies are reading and cooking.

So with that in mind, as my career is "pivoting" (to use the industry term) and I am taking classes towards an additional degree, I'm able to utilize one of my hobbies as a practice arena for the skills I'm learning.

And guess what, folks, cooking isn't that hobby.

I still love to cook, and I still cook regularly, and will continue to do so. I just won't be blogging about it. I'll still pics to my Instagram account, I'll still scribble notes in my favorite cookbooks and into my own personal cooking log, but this blog is going on a temporary hiatus.

My other blog ( will focus more on books and less on movies in order to document, reflect, and highlight how I'm using these newly acquired skills in regards to books and reading, specifically data surrounding them, trends, sales, and other odds and ends.

So if you're really curious what I am personally up to, that is the place to go or you can visit me on Twitter (MichaelPeeples1). If you came here for the food, well, sorry, that's going to be a long wait. I will post from time to time - I have every intent of keeping this blog online for future re-activation, but at the moment it takes last place on my list of priorities.

Hope to see you around.

Until Next Time...
Busily Yours,