Thursday, February 16, 2017

War Among the Foods

We've all been there - at a party, social gathering, friendly backyard BBQ, and somebody brings up the topic. Maybe just a casual mention, maybe even a shared secret, but soon all hell erupts.

No, I'm not talking about politics or religion. I'm talking about food.

Someone will mention sauerkraut, or anchovies, or pork rinds, or Miracle Whip, or god-forbid SPAM. Maybe an adult will put ketchup on their own hot dog, instead of just the kids'. 

And before you know it, chaos in the form of a mob as sides are chosen and the shouting begins. 

"My Gawd, you actually eat that stuff?" or "Why do you care what I put on my hot dog? I like what I like, you damn food elitist." or "If you'd just TRY it the right way, you'd find you like it better than your way."

I must confess, I'm guilty of that, from both sides of the debate. Sometimes The Boss teases me when I use mayo instead of mustard on certain sandwiches, and I'll grumble that she should just let me eat what I want. Moments later though, I'll try to publicly humiliate someone who puts ketchup on their hotdog. (But honestly, who over the age of 12 puts KETCHUP on a hot dog??!!)     

The point is, like politics or religion, sometimes food is something that shouldn't be discussed in public. That's kind of a hard topic to avoid though at a patio party. Certain foods are a divider of people, and like other topics, the sides have been drawn up and everyone has a preference.
Sauerkraut - love it or hate it.
SPAM - love it or hate it.
The list goes on...

Which reminds me of one final question: This summer, will you be "BBQ'ing" or "grilling"?

Until Next Time...
Here's a video put together by a hot dog expert asking the people of Chicago their opinion of ketchup on hotdogs.

Divisively Yours,