Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Grilled Cornish Hens with Asparagus

I want to put more of my own recipes on this blog, sometimes though, some of the things I make don't really have a recipe other than "throw it on the grill." I take pictures of nearly everything I cook, but when I sit down here and try to write up some sort of instructions to follow or ingredients to include, my first thought usually is, "Well, duh! Folks know that already."

Maybe it's time I do that anyway. For instance, the other morning as I peeked into the deep freezer for something to thaw that wasn't pork or beef or standard chicken, I saw these Cornish Hens I had. Yes, granted, they're "chicken" but they're tiny chickens in a manner of speaking, and I suddenly had a vision of them on a plank on the grill, and Wah-Lah!, that night's dinner was born.

Sure, I surfed the web throughout the day looking for further ideas, but I was technically supposed to be working so I knew anything that required any real prep time was out of the question. I decided to stick with my original vision even though I knew I'd have nothing original for this blog.
It was quite simple. I thawed the Hens, soaked a plank in water, eventually spread some seasonings on the poultry, fired up the grill, and put the planked birds on indirect heat. Took about an hour, but can't say I really timed it. Near the end, I took some asparagus and laid them one the grill as well. If you like asparagus, it's a real good "go to" veggie for grilling with just about anything, i.e., steak or salmon especially.

Needless to say, dinner turned out great, and even though I have no real recipe to share, I thought at least I could slap a couple of pics up here for your inspiration.

Until Next Time...
Here's a real recipe for smoking Cornish Hens, but please don't tell The Boss or else she'll make me make it next time.
Cornishly Yours,