Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Chicken Mushroom Onion Pizza - Recipe

(a.k.a. What To Do With Leftover Pizza Ingredients)
You know this past Saturday I made my first attempt of making a Buffalo Chicken Pizza. I borrowed a recipe from AllRecipes.com and modified it to suit my situation. I compromised on the crust I wanted due to availability, and regretted that because the crust was rubbery and tough. The pizza tasted wonderful, despite the set back.

The problem was: I was stuck with two cooked extra chicken breast and two extra pizza crusts.

The solution was obvious: Make more pizza.

The challenge: I had to do it with what was currently in the house.

I didn't have pizza sauce. I had Classico Four Cheese Spaghetti Sauce, and I decided that might be an interesting twist. I had fresh mushrooms (stored in a paper sack in the fridge like you're supposed to), plenty of shredded mozzarella,  and I always always have plenty of onions on hand.

- Because of the rubber crust, I decided to put it on my trusty pizza stone, slide them both into the oven, and then pre-heat it all together to 425 degrees.
- While that heated, I shredded one chicken breast.
- Chopped half a medium-sized onion
- Once the oven was ready, I pulled the whole pizza stone out, and added all the ingredients (again, when spreading sauce, start at the center and "float" your way out; when adding ingredients, start on the edges and work your way in).
- Added the standard spices, including garlic, oregano, and basil.
- Didn't set the timer, just kept an eye on it for the cheese to adequately melt since the chicken and the crust were precooked.

It worked out well. The crust still lacked any sort of taste or flavor, but at least it was crisper. And the spaghetti sauce was a flavorful change and a nice surprise, which means that in the future, I'll experiment sometimes with it instead of standard homemade or store bought sauces (many brand name sauces are too sweet for my taste, which has turned me off to a lot of them over the years).

Lessons Learned:
1. Even the worst crust can sometimes be brought up to a tolerable level and doesn't need to be thrown away. Although I'll never buy this brand again.
2. Spaghetti sauce can be a fun way to experiment.

Until Next Time....
Here's a video of a man who claims to have survived on nothing but pizza for 25 years. I'm highlighting this one because TLC removed the Freaky Eaters: Pizza episode I wanted to share.
  Saucily Yours,